We are so excited to introduce you to this incredible blackhead removal tool aka the BEST pore vacuum EVER. It will rid your pores of any residue of makeup, grease,...

We are so excited to introduce you to this incredible blackhead removal tool aka the BEST pore vacuum EVER. It will rid your pores of any residue of makeup, grease, or skin cells.

These are the things that makeup blackheads and eventually pimples. Some of us are more blessed with less acne than others but even those without  blackhead issues can benefit from this phenomenal invention especially as our skin starts to age.?

What is a Black Head Removal Tool?

It comes by many names: pore vacuum, blackhead vacuum, extractor vacuum, derma suction, pore suction tool, blackhead removal tool and many more but they are all a version of the same machine.

It is a handheld machine that comes with 5 different suction heads depending on what the purpose of your extracting session is.

What are the benefits for my skin of using a Pore Vacuum? 

  • Youthful looking skin due to the detoxifying effects
  • Firm skin and slower aging process


  • 5 different suction levels
  • 5 interchangeable heads for different functions and points of application
  • 3 light functions for skin care (Red, Blue & Green)

The Interchangeable Heads of the Blackhead Removal Tool

The Large Suction Head

Large hole one for extracting all over the face. Easier to remove stubborn blackheads in the T Section as well as grease and makeup residue. 

The Medium Suction Head 1

The medium hole suction for removing debris and skin stains in more concentrated areas where it's harder to clean.

The Medium Suction Head 2

This head can be used on any area of the face and is slightly larger than the small suction head. 

The Small Suction Head

The small hole version for removing blackheads in concentrated areas such as around the nose folds and also for around the eyes to slight lift skin and promote elasticity (this uses less suction.

The smaller, elliptical nozzle is for firming skin and battling wrinkles. The smaller the hole, the less suction there is.

This head is for bringing elasticity back to the more sensitive areas around the eyes and mouth.

The Oval Suction Head

The oval hole head has a large suction feature which is used for micro wrinkle around the corners of the eyes and mouth and helps make your skin smooth and tightened. 

Color Therapy Using your Blackhead Vacuum

Each colors wave range has a different function.

  • Red promotes collagen regeneration, calms tender skin, and restores elasticity.
  • Green decomposes melanin, brightens and whitens skin, and adds that transparent lucidity to it.
  • Blue has an antiphlogistic and sterilization effect helps reduce skin secretions and repairs rough, damaged, and inflamed skin.

How should I use my Blackhead Remover? 

  • Steam your face
  • Select your nozzle
  • Gently keep the nozzle moving over the areas of your face and do not go back and forth.
  • Use it in a one-way direction moving up your face in slow steady movements.
  • Splash your face with cool or cold water 

    ✵ We recommend beginning to use this miracle skin device once a week at first. As you get used to it you may increase to 2-3 times a week. When you first introduce this miracle tool to your skin, you will have more sensitivity than you will after a few weeks of using it.

    Pre-Wash Wash your Makeup Remover Glove before its first use. Throw it in with a regular clothes wash 👗 on a 40' delicate cycle and hang to dry. Wet with warm water Ready to use? Wet a portion or all of the glove thoroughly with warm water. 💦 Remove makeup by making gently circular movements on the face ↻ Continue until all visible makeup has been removed. [Flip the glove over and use the other side if your makeup is particularly heavy or waterproof] Wash your glove After all your makeup has been removed, rinse off the glove and hang to dry [ the label doubles as a hook] Once a week be sure to throw your glove in with a a delicate clothes wash cycle to ensure you can keep on using it!

    Blackhead Removal Tool

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