The Pore Vacuum, what it is is a tool not a toy

Raise your hand, or hands, if you have been mesmerized by the social media videos of the magical machine that sucks all the gunk out of your pores.

I do not know many who have been able to turn away from the video starring our clogged pores and how to release them of their residue.

No shame in this, it’s an instinct that Mother Nature gave us, much like the apes who pull parasites out of each other’s fur. We like to think of ourselves as hygienic creatures but the body is a mystery and we have lots we have no clue about.

Enter “The Pore Vacuum” or “Blackhead Extractor”, a magic machine that will rid your pores of any residue of makeup, grease, or skin cells. These are the things that make up blackheads and eventually pimples. Its powerful suction cleanses your skin deeply and revitalizes it. 

Some of us are more blessed with less acne than others but even the Oh Blessed Ones can benefit from this phenomenal invention.  We are so excited to introduce you to your new best friend!

It comes by many names: pore vacuum, blackhead vacuum, extractor vacuum, derma suction, pore suction tool, and many more but they are all a version of the same machine.

What Exactly Does this Wonder Blackhead Removal Tool Do? 

■ Extracts blackheads
■ Cleanses and clears the pores
■ Exfoliates the skin and eliminates dead skin cells
■ Tightens the skin and builds collagen and elastin
■ Targets common signs of aging and problem skin
■ Helps soften fine lines and wrinkles 

In combination with the different nozzles and speeds, you can customize where you want the sucking to take place. The key here is to always be moving in a slow and steady pace.

Gently keep the nozzle moving over the areas of your face and do not go back and forth. Use it in a one-way direction moving up your face in slow steady movements.

When you need to rest, pick the machine up off your face. Never leave the nozzle in place sucking or you may end up with a mini hickie and that is not the look we are going for!

Suck it all away: This handheld machine comes with 4 or 5 different suction heads depending on what the purpose of your extracting session is and of course which one you buy.

■ Large hole for extracting all over the face, the medium hole suction for removing debris and skin stains in more concentrated areas.
■ Small hole for removing blackheads in concentrated areas such as around the nose folds and also for around the eyes to slight lift skin and promote elasticity (this uses less suction)
■ Oval hole head which is used for micro wrinkle around the corners of the eyes and mouth and finally the microdermabrasion head which has a layer of micro-crystals to help with deeper exfoliation (not all models have this one).

WARNING: We cannot stress enough that this is a tool NOT a toy. Do not order one of these turning it on and get going vacuuming the skin off your face!

There are instructions included for blackhead removal with this device for a reason. Remember, this blackhead remover tool began in the offices of professional doctors.

When working with your skin, the largest organ of your body, especially your face, you want to take the utmost care to not damage it. People with the most sensitive of skins can use this, with caution.

The skin vacuum is marketed more for blackheads and pimples but also can be used for sensitive, mature skin to increase elasticity and circulation, and reduce wrinkles.

Pore cleaner and blackhead extractors come with several speeds and degrees of suction. The large hole head normally uses the highest, strongest speed but if you have sensitive skin, you may want a lower speed.

This is why it is so important to read the instructions and also go slow and see what works best for you.  

When you first introduce this miracle tool to your skin, you will have more sensitivity than you will after a few weeks of using it. You have all the time ahead of you to use this machine, you do not have to extract every pore from the beginning, go slow and see more results as you learn to use the tool to your custom needs.

How to Correctly Use the Pore Vacuum

Firstly, make sure you have a clean face. The best way to whisk away surface cells, dirt and makeup is with the innovative Kiki & Josie makeup remover glove.

This revolutionary microfiber glove allows you to gently cleanse your face without any product, just with water (you can choose to use your favorite product also)

The microfiber technology allows each tiny loop to brush away remnants of the day so that you can begin your pore suctioning on the cleanest surface possible to remove the deep residues that a surface cleaner cannot get to. This is the best makeup remover for sensitive skin too!

If you are using the pore cleaner device primarily for blackhead or clogged and enlarged pores, it is a good idea to use a blackhead melting or softening product beforehand.

Active ingredients you want to look for are Benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid, Azelaic acid, or Retinoids. The reason to use these is that blackheads are often in your skin for a long time.

They are hardened sebum and dirt and are often compacted inside the pore sometimes even similar to an iceberg and are difficult to extract.

With the use of these products, the blackheads will soften and be easier to remove. Before moving on to the next step, remove the blackhead softening agent because we want to have a clean surface for the following step.

That previous step is optional but this next step is essential, steaming. Oh, to steam or not to steam, that is the question. The answer to this question is yes, to steam. Even without the incredible skin and pore suction tool, steaming is important to healthy, clear, and yes, young looking skin.

Even if your skin is oily, it needs healthy moisture. Steaming should be done a few times a week. I even do it while cooking or preparing my tea or coffee. Just a few moments over the steam and your pores with open up and soften which will lessen the work of the pore vacuum and increase its benefits.

You can even get fancy with this and make it a special you-time spa-time adding essential oils to the steaming water for a relaxation or invigorating moment with yourself. To make it more of a spa treatment, drape a towel over your head so that the steam does not escape so easily.

Please use caution here. You want to steam your face enough to open pore but not to cook it. If it is uncomfortable, it’s too hot. This should be a relaxing time. This is also good when you feel a cold or cough coming on. Add some eucalyptus or lemongrass essential oil to inhale deeply to relax the lungs and clear them of phlegm.

But for the purposes of derma suction, we just want to open those pores and soften the skin so that the suction heads can easily glide across your skin’s surface and remove the deeper debris that was previously hardened.

After steaming, it is a good idea to pat your face dry. Some suction tools allow you to have a damp surface and some even have humidifying and steaming options. But others need you to have a dry but moist surface so that the moisture does not go into the machine with the suction.

Now it is time to select your nozzle. The best one to start off with if you are just learning is the large hole nozzle. This is for larger areas and we want to begin on the lowest setting. More is not better!

You can always level up the suction if you are not seeing results but the moment you feel too much pulling or discomfort, level back down a speed or two. It is normal on your first few tries for you to feel it.

That means its working. There should be some slight tugging and some reddening of the skin.

The suction is pulling blood to the surface increasing circulation and bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin that is often in the process of dying before it gets exfoliated.

It is also taking away the cells that have died and whisking them away to dead skin cell heaven where they belong not on your face dulling your complexion.

For your first time, maybe that large hole nozzle is enough. How do you feel? Ready for more? Then we move to one of the other nozzle heads. It is recommended to begin with the large hole heads and move to the smaller heads for their specific jobs.

The smaller hole nozzles are for areas that are hard to reach or are littered with more blackheads or oil, normally the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin).

Please remember do not leave the nozzle in place for even a second. Keep the nozzle moving around your face at all time in upward movements because gravity gives enough downward pull all the time.

The smaller, elliptical nozzle is for firming skin and battling wrinkles. The smaller the hole, the less suction there is.

This head is for bringing elasticity back to the more sensitive areas around the eyes and mouth. Stimulating these areas bring blood and oxygen to the often forgotten areas and increases collagen production and firms the underlying tissue and muscle.  

Don’t forget you can exercise these areas too. The Face Yoga Method by Fumiko is a fun and easy way to add an exercise routine to your skin care regimen. Again, especially for these sensitive and delicate areas, slow but continually moving action.

Some blackhead remover vacuum kits come with an additional nozzle called a microcrystalline head.

This is a super bonus! Even for mature skin with no acne, this nozzle will help with the skin turn over and collagen stimulating factors. This nozzle is to be used with extreme care.

Because it has micro-crystals along the edges of the nozzle, it exfoliates deeper and really scrubs away the dead skin to remove the dulling layer that steals your skin glow! I would not recommend this on acne prone areas.

If you have redness or eruptions of pimples, just exfoliate with this nozzle around those areas not on top as to not aggravate the acne.  

You may want to use the normal nozzles a few times before trying this one. Your skin will acclimate to the suction and treatment of this device but the first few times it may be a bit shocking and you will have more redness.

We recommend this microdermabrasion nozzle to be used first once you have had a few used the device for a few sessions. Then once you graduate to this nozzle, use it first after the steaming and follow with the other nozzle sizes.

The final step it to splash your newly reinvigorated face with cool to cold water or to place a washcloth soaked in ice water over your face for a few moments.

This will help close the newly cleansed and opened pores and also help with the healing circulation that gives you that healthy glow.

Another benefit to using the pore cleaning device, as well as, using the cold water as a last step is it helps with lymphatic drainage which is essential in reducing water retention and toxins in the face and neck area.

Up Your Skincare Game with Color Therapy



Now we have some really exciting news! You thought that was all these devices could do! Well, think again! Some versions, like ours, come with a beauty lamp option! What?!?! So, while you are exfoliating your face and purifying it, you can also get the benefits of color therapy.

Each colors wave range has a different function. Red promotes collagen regeneration, calms tender skin, and restores elasticity.

Green decomposes melanin, brightens and whitens skin, and adds that transparent lucidity to it. Blue has an antiphlogistic and sterilization effect helps reduce skin secretions and repairs rough, damaged, and inflamed skin.

Ready for the Fun?

So, you may have thought that this pore cleaner and blackhead vacuum you had seen on the 1-minute social media blackhead removal commercials was all about acne and blackheads, we hope now you see the plethora of benefits for all skin types.

Your blackhead problems will be solved but with the exfoliation, even of sensitive skin, say goodbye to dry, rough areas, dark or spotted areas, loose skin and wrinkles, dull complexion, and acne prone areas.  

Your skin will have a translucent glow of your youthful days thanks to the detoxifying effects of stimulated circulation and massage. Your face and neck will be firmer and the effects of aging will slow down.

Massaging the skin with the face vacuum is making your home a spa and giving you time to relax and de-stress, especially in the face area where stress shows up first.

We recommend to begin to use this miracle skin device once a week at first. As you get used to it you may increase to 2-3 times a week.

Daily usage is overkill. Remember you can use your Makeup Remover Glove several times each day. This is sufficient to keep the glow going without over stimulating or inflaming your skin.

It is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and with the microfiber technology does exfoliate top dead skin cells and debris, such as makeup and dirt.

We are so excited to introduce you to this new system of skin care along with our other products.

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