Why Do We Need Makeup Tutorials?

The good thing about makeup is it knows no boundaries. The bad thing about makeup is it knows no boundaries. There's a thin line between dramatic makeup and “did-you-look-at-yourself-in-the-mirror-before-you-walked-out-of-the-house” makeup.

So, we are going to highlight some of the best makeup tutorials on YouTube and Instagram to give you a wide range of makeup ideas.

The great thing about Instagram is the videos are only 1 minute long so if you need a quick idea or lesson before you head out to an event it's ideal.

But if you feel like you need more instruction then we consider YouTube to be a better choice because the videos can be much longer.

We either have the natural talent to makeup or not but never fear! In this day of technology and with time to practice, you, too, can become a guru in makeup at least for yourself and maybe you will find a new hidden talent to practice on your friends.


In fact, it is a fun girls’ time to get together and watch the videos and discuss while practicing on each other. Make makeup fun, its really not brain science, although may seem so in the beginning!

Even if we are proficient in makeup application, its fun to watch the tutorials to learn more. We can learn about the newest seasonal colors and runway styles.

Maybe you have a special event that has a theme and you can research specialized makeup styles from something as classic as “smokey eye” to as exotic as “mermaid”.

So how do you find the best makeup tutorials? As mentioned before, if you need a quick idea, Instagram makeup tutorials are the best because their videos are limited to one minute each.

If you want a more detailed tutorial then go to YouTube. Just go to the search window in either site and type in what you are looking for and poof! You have your private lesson at your fingertips!

Eye Makeup Tutorials

Where to start? Well, with the windows to the soul, of course, the eyes! Who doesn’t get drawn to a great set of eyes? You don’t have a great set of eyes? Then turn to makeup.

That is the point of makeup. Your face is a stage where you can write the script.

You can see lots of videos where people imitate the looks of famous celebrities. Imagine one person who can transform themselves from Michael Jackson to David Bowie all with makeup!

1. The Makeup Chair

eye makeup tutorial sinead cady | Kiki and Josie

A great beginner’s video for eye makeup is “Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial” on YouTube with over 1 million followers. 

Sinead Cady @sineadycaday takes you from prepping your eyelid to the final stage with simple contour and highlighter.

They use very natural colors and it is perfect for a day look. The point of makeup, in most cases, is to accentuate what you have and to look like you aren’t wearing makeup.

This is a perfect video for that and it's just 4 minutes long.

2. Teni Panosian

Smokey eyemakeup tutorial by Teni Panosian | Kiki and Josie


Watch this brown smokey eye video for a more formal event or for a special night out. Blogger, @tenipanosian is popular with a following of over 1 million on youtube and 600k on Instagram.

3. Cosmo by Haley 

Eye makeup tutorials cosmo by hayley | kiki and josie

Hayley is a young, cruelty-free makeup artist from Portland who has this awesome video named How To Apply Eyeshadow Perfectly | Hacks & Tips.

In this video, she gives some great tips on how to achieve a perfectly blended eyeshadow look, including the importance of prepping your eyelid before applying shadow. 

Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorials

Eyes draw your attention but what is the use if the rest of your face is forgotten? For everyday looks, it is important to accent what your best features are and to even out complexion to get that no-makeup look. A good base of that is good skincare but makeup can do miracles!

1. Brianna Fox

Natural every day makeup tutorial Brianna Fox | Kiki and Josie

Brianna has a great video for an everyday “makeup, no makeup” natural look. It's called How to - Easy everyday makeup tutorial | Fresh and natural

It’s a little bit lengthy at 19 minutes but her friendly, carefree attitude makes it a joy to watch. She highlights the products she uses and why so it’ very informative, as well. You can also check out her 'my everyday makeup routine' video too. 

2. Nikkie Tutorials

Natural makeup tutorials Nikkie  Tutorials | Kiki and Josie

Nikkie is awesome, vibrant fun and a skilled makeup artist. She has so many must-watch makeup tutorials and 11 million Instagram followers!! Find her on Instagram here @nikkietutorials. She's a full coverage girl so most of her videos are not natural BUT she does have this awesome Natural Makeup Challenge video here.

3. Shay Mitchell

natural every day makeup tutorials shay mitchell | kiki and josie

We recently came across this video by Shay Mitchell who is best known as Emily Fields in the television series Pretty Little Liars and as the founder of travel brand BÉIS. She has also started making makeup tutorials with her favorite products and looks.

The video shows off her everyday makeup look and we LOVE it. The finished look is fabulous and she is a delight to watch. We also love her smokey eye video which features celebrity makeup artist Ashley Holm. 

Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

Whether you are 12 years old or 65, you can easily learn how to apply makeup in the world wide web. Videos are the easiest way because you can start and stop them at each step.

There are thousands of vloggers out there to follow. You can take your time and see who gets you the most excited about learning and follow their channel on YouTube or their account if its Instagram.  

We have tried to give you a starting point here with this article but don’t let us stop you from exploring on your own for other videos to show you how to apply makeup for beginners.

1. Stephanie Bailey

Makeup tutorials for beginners Stephanie Bailey | Kiki and Josie

Stephanie is a self-proclaimed lazy person so she is perfect for people who are just beginning or for people, like her, who sleep in until the last minute. She jokes that she cherishes sleep more than makeup!

Her Quick and easy 5-minute makeup tutorial video is actually 11:30 long but she explains well and talks about products which are good for the beginner. And for those of you who swoon at Australian accents, she is heaven to the ears.

She explains makeup application from her perspective of what is most important to least important so if you run out of time you can just run out of the house.  

She begins with primer and concealer and ends with lips so it’s a very detailed video and you can learn all the steps in 11 minutes and pick and choose what calls to you.

I do not think as a beginner you need to go full face but it’s better to have the knowledge. Knowledge is power! She even gives you some quick tips at the end for your hair.

2. Dani Mansutti

Makeup tutorials for beginners Dani Mansutti | Kiki and Josie

Dani is a makeup, beauty and lifestyle vlogger from the UK. This great 'makeup for beginners' video gives a step by step of how to apply makeup, including makeup tools for beginners, tips, and tricks for a full face of makeup and shows you how complete a quick and easy everyday makeup look in a very short time 

Makeup Tutorials for Older Women

Older women often do not want to admit it but it takes different techniques and tips to work on mature skin. As we lose elasticity and luminescence, we need to try to recuperate that through highlighting and contouring.  

This can require more work when applying makeup, especially for a big night out.

It took quite a while to find a mature makeup tutorial that didn’t disappoint. Honestly, some of the makeup applications on some YouTube channels shouldn’t have been published.

1. Jocelyn McClellan - Fit Mission Makeup 

Makeup tutorials for older women kiki and josie

Her mature skin makeup tutorial video is a bit on the longer side with 20 minutes but I saw a few about an hour! I love makeup and its hard for me to sit that long.

This video begins by addressing the most important part of makeup application, skin care. This is so important no matter your age.  If you address this early in life, then you will find your skin not as mature for your age later on in life.

I loved Jocelyn’s natural look and glowing skin. I loved the colors she used! This particular video emphasized more on the highlighting and contouring you need as you age to get a lifted more elastic look.

Her eyes were already made up but at the end, she goes over tips for mature, hooded eyes. Her light, chirpy attitude kept my attention from fading unlike many other tutorials that droned on and I just went on to the next one.

2. Hot and Flashy

Makeup tutorials for older women and mature skin Hot and Flashy | Kiki and Josie

Angie is a youtube vlogger who creates how-to videos for women over-50 who are looking for style, beauty, anti-aging, and health how-tos from an actual mature woman herself. Here is her Makeup 101 - Beginner makeup for mature women video. 

3. Lisa Eldridge

Makeup tutorials for older women and mature skin | Kiki and Josie

Lisa is a Pro Makeup Artist, Global CD of Lancome, Author of NY Times bestseller 'Face Paint - The Story Of Makeup'. 

None of Lisa's YouTube videos are sponsored and 100% of her advertising revenue is donated to charity. We love this video: Glowing, Youthful Day MakeUp Tutorial For Mature Skin.

 In this video, she shows off a really great day look for ladies in their 50's, 60's and older. She focuses on how to make skin look even and fresh without emphasizing lines and how to get eye definition without a harsh end result. In the video, she demonstrates these techinques on a beautiful 64 year old. 

She also has two other videos we love 'Simple evening makeup look for mature women' and 'Menopausal makeup tips'

You can also check out this amazing makeup transformation video by Julia Dantas Beauty where she does a mature skin makeup tutorial on her mom.

For just a short 1-minute video the covered all the contouring for face and eyes. The result was stunning. A theme you will notice with the mature skin is light, natural tones.

Mature skin with its crepiness will attract powders into the wrinkles so its best to not go with very dark colors. Also, stay away from bright colors as we do not want a throwback to the 80’s theme to get started!

Party Makeup Ideas Tutorial

What is more exciting than a big party to go to, or even a little get together? The planning up to the event can be as exciting as the event. What will I wear? What makeup will I choose?

Want to try something outside of your comfort zone? This is the time. Again, we can turn to the world wide web for lots of exciting ideas.

1. Shonagh Scott

Party makeup tutorials shongah scott | Kiki and Josise

This  Rose champagne makeup tutorial video from @showmemakeup was designed for Valentine’s Day but I personally love the rose champagne look for any occasion.

You could even lighten the drama and use it for an everyday natural look.  She begins with contouring which is critical to making your best assets shine for this party gathering.

She gives great tips about brush usage, such as spraying with it with a primer first to pick up more pigment for eye contouring. Also, check out her sexy date night eyes tutorial here for an even more dramatic look.

2. Glamourous Reflections

Party makeup tutorials by glamorous reflections | Kiki and Josie

For our Instagram pick for party makeup video, I was drawn to Asma and her super glamorous party makeup tutorial This is just an eye makeup tutorial but I love the result!

I am amazed at how 1 minute of music can give you so much insight on key things, such as the essential dab at the inner corner of the eye for that extra pop.

Her Instagram is fabulous and a lot of her images are close up's of her eye makeup looks with the eyeshadow palette used and numbered as a follow along guide. Brilliant. 

I have been in makeup for decades but these little hints remind me of what I may be forgetting in my everyday makeup.

She has lots and lots of party style makeup videos on her Instagram @glamourousreflections as well as some more sparkle and color on her YouTube channel

Wedding Makeup Tutorials

Whether it is your first wedding or your fifth, because practice makes perfect, you still want to shine as the bride.

You could want so many looks for this day. Maybe you are a breezy, beach wedding hippie bride and want a natural but flawless look.

Maybe you are a dramatic, bold socialite bride who wants to make a statement with your makeup look. No matter what your bridal makeup goal is, you can find it online.

1. Bronte Jones

Wedding makeup tutorials Bronte Jones | Kiki and Josie

Bronte has a fun video to watch because it's simple [she is not a professional makeup artist] She did makeup for her best friend and her bridesmaids.

I selected this video because it is a natural look which is the most selected makeup theme for weddings but can also be the base for a dramatic look.  

Add more contouring to the eyes, cheeks or a bolder lipstick and you can go from au natural to wow in just a few brushstrokes.

Her video is called Bridal/Bridesmaid makeup tutorial (it says “hooded eyes” in the title but it’s a basic eye application that can be used for all eye shapes.).

2. Chloe Morello

Wedding makeup tutorials Chloe Morello | Kiki and Josie

Again, amazed at a look they can crunch into a minute, granted with time lapse, but you really can learn so much from these short clips (again if you can’t get enough of an Instagram video, most have the long version on YouTube).

This Wedding Glam video shows you the products so you get a better idea of the shades than just from the brush or application. The highlighter really illuminates and shows you how you can glow on your big day!

Prom Makeup Tutorials

Almost as exciting as your wedding, Prom is a coming of age for many girls. So, its expected you would want to look your best and stun your peers.

Natural looks reign here as you are still a girl at 18 even if you feel like a well-cultured woman.

You have your entire life to be dramatic and sexy, high school is a time to accentuate your natural assets while they are still tight and taught.

1. Nikkie Tutorials

Prom makeup tutorial Nikkie | Kiki and Josie

For a fun twist on prom makeup, we found Nikkie's video called 'Prom makeup tutorial - white cut crease and diamond eyeliner' This video was something different using the white eyeliner but it makes it fun for teens to do something different for their big night.

This look also uses gemstones so you may want to practice those applications a few times before the big night to avoid unneeded extra stress before the limo arrives.

2. Lauren Curtis

Prom makeup tutorial Lauren Curtis | Kiki and Josie

For a more sophisticated glamorous look, we love this prom makeup tutorial video from Aussie beauty vlogger @lozcurtis

3. Denitslava Makeup

Prom makeup tutorial Kiki and Josie

Check out this easy glam prom makeup tutorial from Denitslava. Its super simple and with gorgeous color shades. 

Drag Queen Makeup Tutorials

What should be the 8th wonder of the world is Drag Queen Makeup! It will never cease to amaze me how men can be so talented at hair and makeup.

The transformations here are surreal and I could watch them all day! Drag makeup is definitely unique as its own genre of makeup for men. 

After getting lost for hours watching men actually become their feminine sides, we found some favorites.

1.Miss Fame

Drag queen makeup tutorial Miss Fame | Kiki and Josie

Supernatural blonde makeup tutorial for drag queens is FAB! It takes you from an all-natural looking guy to a stunning drag queen all in just 10 minutes. Seriously, how does he do it?

Miss Fame is an inspiring makeup artist, recording artist and model with cheekbones to die for! Check out his glamorous instagram @missfamenyc.

2. Alyssa Edwards

Drag queen makeup tutorial Alyssa Edwards | Kiki and Josie

Speaking of Instagram, Alyssa Edwards who has over 1 million followers was featured in both Netflix Original Series “Dancing Queen” and RuPauls Drag Race Season 5.  Drop Dead Gorgeous featured her super fun one-minute drag queen tutorial video on their account.

We hope you have as much fun watching these as we did.

Unicorn Makeup Tutorials

Now it’s fantasy time!! (Although, Drag Queen Makeup might be included in this!) Who as a young girl or a grown adult doesn’t dream about being a mermaid or unicorn? I do on a daily basis! So, of course, we had to add these makeup tutorials in here!

1. Karen Yeung

Unicorn makeup tutorial iamkareno | Kiki and Josie

Karen is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger currently based in Los Angeles. SHe has made this great unicorn makeup tutorial called 'Holographic tumblr inspired unicorn makeup'

This tutorial shows you a magical fantasy makeup look in just five and a half minutes! It was flawless, luminescent, and otherworldly. She includes titles with each section to make the instructions even more clear.

The soothing colors, not only in the makeup but in the video, was mesmerizing getting you in the mood to become the mythical creature itself.

The final touch was the application of stars under the eyes which was the perfect “cherry on top”.

2. Nicola Flanagan

Unicorn makeup tutorial Baldy beauty | Kiki and Josie

Our Instagram pick for unicorn makeup was from baldy.beauty, Nicola Flanagan, an alternative makeup artist from Cork, Ireland.

Her version of the unicorn makeup tutorial was based on a choker of opals that she loves. She nailed the look through the makeup application of soft, muted pastel colors.

She already looked magical with her big, doe-like eyes and facial piercings but the makeup put her into a new realm.  

Do you think you could replicate this look?

Mermaid Makeup Tutorials

As for Mermaid makeup, we were surprised at the millions of videos we came across. Mermaids are the unicorns of the sea.

Magical and mystical creatures that make us wish we could shed our human skin, literally. It is so easy to get lost in this world and watch these transformations happen all day.

1. Miss Nose bleed

Mermaid makeup tutorial miss nosebleed | Kiki and Josie

The simply named Mermaid makeup tutorial video on YouTube included actual shell details and she really hits the nail on the head with her heavenly mermaid look.

Shell details in her hair with pearls accenting her stenciled on iridescent scales.

She is Swedish but grew up in Japan studying art which explains so much! She clearly joined her two loves, art and makeup, to make this and many other styles.

Yes, we stalked her other videos such as her Elf Princess one.

2.Emilly Madelon

Mermaid makeup tutorial Emily Madelon | Kiki and Josie

Emily is a makeup artist originally from Brazil but relocated to the US. Her mermaid makeup tutorial video shows you how to use netting as a stencil for the scaly look.

Her use of color were a nice combination for this underwater beauty. Finally, she used applications of jewels and sequins to add to the shimmer you would see in a real mermaid under the sea.

She didn’t stop at the face but went to neck and shoulders, too, where many people often forget to continue fantasy makeup.

That’s not all! Wait for it! At the end, she has a super surprise that will shock you and show you how good she is at this fantasy makeup!!

3. Glamorous Reflections

unicorn and mermaid makeup tutorials Kiki and Josie

Here's another beautiful look from @glamorousreflections who were featured earlier. I'd say you could call it a unicorn OR a mermaid makeup look.

4. Chloe Morello

Chloe makes an appearance again with this fun and beautiful Mermaid Makeup video! 

The Best Makeup Removers

Well, that should have you covered, literally, at least your face! Do not forget the most important part of makeup, taking it off.

This is where the Kiki & Josie Makeup Remover Glove comes into play.

A great alternative to makeup remover wipes, this miracle makeup remover only requires water, no product!

It works with microfiber technology to breakdown and whisk away makeup particles (yes! even waterproof) and to gently exfoliate your skin, even the sensitive eye area.

It is reusable and washable and lasts up to 3 years! If you want to use your favorite product, the glove is the perfect applicator for it.

Especially when practicing your new makeup looks, you will want to make sure to take off each new look thoroughly to be fair to the upcoming look. It is the best makeup eraser!

And when that big night comes, you will want an easy way to take off the final perfect look.

The Kiki & Josie Makeup Remover Glove will be your best friend, give it a try click here and check out their collection of sexy styles!

Remember there are thousands or more makeup videos out there! Take the time to look through YouTube and Instagram at your leisure to find channels or accounts that resonate with you.

The more you watch, the more you will find how techniques overlap and you will naturally remember how to contour, etc.

There are classic tricks to the trade but also there are always new looks and tricks coming up, as well.  

Remember the subscriber and follower number here in this article was where these vloggers were at the time the article was written.

Also, keep in mind that newcomers may be just as good as the experts but not have the following so be open to seeing videos that call to you not only for their following.

Once you find the expert of your liking, cross reference other social media realms for them.

This is especially true for your favs on Instagram because most of the time they have a YouTube channel and you can see longer videos from them. Makeup can be scary but once you get the feel for it and know that it is always erasable, it becomes fun and adventurous.  

Happy makeup-ing!